In addition to the tournaments, we have planned plenty of special contents too!
Don't miss out on the 3 special challenges we have prepared for this day!


DB game producers from the past will also be joining the game-clear challenge event!
Which producers will take up this challenge?
What games will they be playing?



Diorama Artist Satoshi Araki will reproduce scenes from DRAGON BALL!
His skill, stamina & focus will be tested.

Diorama Artist Araki / Satoshi Araki
Diorama Artist Araki /
Satoshi Araki
Diorama Artist Araki / Satoshi Araki

Satoshi Araki was born in Tokyo in 1969 and currently lives in Tokyo.
At an early age, his mother taught him how to craft "miniature gardens" which sparked his creativity in arts. He was also inspired by SFX movies, which eventually led him to spending most of his childhood becoming interested in building plastic toy models.
He started making diorama art after learning various skills and techinques from plastic model building magazines in junior high school. Araki started focusing on building dioramas and even entered various model building contests to polish his skills further.
Determined to make a living out of his passion of creating and building, he studied industrial design during his university years and joined TOSHIBA corporation as a product designer in 1993. Since then, he has continued making dioramas as a hobby, and even won a contest in his early thirties. After winning the contest, he was commisioned by various model magazines to produce and publish many diorama works. While he worked as a salaryman, he continued his work as a diorama artist on the side.
In 2014, his works eventually started trending online, and his "super realistic diorama" caused a huge sensation on TV and other medias at the time.
In 2015, he wrote and published his first book "Amazing Diorama: The world of ultra-realistic miniature scenes".
In the same year, he became a freelancer and has been active within the diorama field ever since.


We will be using screenshots of "DB game best moments" gathered from everyone to make a mosaic art during the event.
Everyone will receive gifts to celebrate its completion!!

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