Champions from each tournament area will gather!
Ultimate battles will unfold!

To enjoy the match more,
check out this video!




The Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour Special Exhibition Tournament assembles the world's best Dragon Ball Super Card Game players for an epic one-time-only event.

Participating players all won their respective Finals Championships in 2019. Special community guests join in too!

Join the stream to watch some amazing high-level play and cheer on your region’s representative!



  • Singles
  • Constructed
  • Best of 3 Game Matches
  • Single-Elimination

Participating Players, MC & Commentators!!

More updates coming soon! Stay tuned!

OFFICIAL SITE*Not sold in Japan.
To learn how to play,
check out the tutorial video on the official website!
If you want to try out the game for yourself
download the official tutorial app! *Available in English only. Unavailable in certain regions, including Japan.